Thursday, February 26, 2009

in.cube8r loves MixTape : Out Now!

Hot off the press and celebrating it's first hard copy issue is MixTape the uber cool magazine of all things art, pop-culture and hand made. in.cube8r has been a fan of MixTape for some time and love that it is designed, produced and packed from home.

In this issue, MixTape speaks to Isy about the in.cube8r space. At only $7 drop in to in.cube8r to pick up your copy, limited edition print run! (we also love that it is on 100% Recyclable paper).

MixTape feature on in.cube8r

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Hide and Seek Melbourne

Hide and Seek has just hit in.cube8r and is the ultimate guide for all things that little bit unique, underground and must see, do and eat in Melbourne. Stop by in.cube8r to pick up a copy, it's compact size means you can carry it with you and make a stop at all of the amazing places it features...First!

Thinking inside the box

For those of who missed Vanessa Murray's editorial on in.cube8r, here is the link as featured in The Age, December 10, 2008. Thanks for your support Vanessa.

The Secrets Out- Get creative with cubicles. Hide & Seek: MX

in.cube8r was featured in yesterdays (Wednesday 25th February) MX, an extract from Explore Australia's latest release 'Hide & Seek'. Swing past in.cube8r to pick up a copy of Hide & Seek, $14.95 a must have to make your way around Melbourne's 'hottest underground locations'.