Wednesday, April 29, 2009

In the press...

Here are some of our most recent cuber successes and press features. A big thankyou for the A2
48 hours the personal shopper, Herald Sun A2, Saturday April 25, 2008
Featuring cuber: Brent Dakis, Depths of the Never Never

Michi Girl, Tuesday 28th April, 2008
Featuring cuber: Joo Li's Whimsical clay

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Clouds for FREE!!! join us

With Autumn quickly stripping our hopes of any bright sunny days we thought we'd give one lucky in.cube8r friend a Yasmin Langley Cloud Brooch.

For your chance to win simply become a member of the in.cube8r blog and we will at random (names in a hat kind of random) choose one person who will be able to wear a cloud on their sleeve all year round.

For your chance to win exisiting friends and those who become subscribers until Sunday 10th May will be in the running.

Spread the word, join us and goodluck.

Google Earth

Ok, so you've probably seen it in the newspaper recently however we couldn't resist featuring the Google Earth Alphabet. We love the fact that it is so simply (in theory) and a Victorian representation. This is what in.cube8r would look like from Google Earth (except the 8, which we are hoping will soon be released in the numeric collection).

psst...heard it on the grapevine

We love to boast about and spread the word of fellow cubers successes and will from time to time bring you some updates on their exciting progress.

Maria Psaltis has recently been featured by the polymer clay guild of is the link to their newsletter for those clay enthusiasist. To view Maria's interview, visit
Our very talented and youngest cuber, Natalie is set to launch a website selling Melbourne artists wears launching soon. Be sure to subscribe to the in.cube8r blog, and we will keep you up to date with this exciting concept and keep you at the forefront of all things Melbourne, Handmade and Art & Craft.

Melbourne Street Fashion

'Melbourne Street is an online collision of Melbourne’s varied and glorious street styles – fashion’s pulsating heart for all those bouncing to the beat of the city street'.

The site chronicles street fashion’s explosion of expression and individuality from the pavement to the party and channels it with its music and artistic influences.

Similar to in.cube8r's vision of promoting and improving awareness of young, independent and emerging fashion in Melbourne Street Fashion is one to watch.

Curious about in.cube8r? Kate is...

In persuit of all things Melbourne and on the pulse, we stumbled across the site Curious Kate ( Probably not foreign to many of you, the site is a quick snapshot of what's hot in Melbourne....... the latest newsletter features none other than in.cube8r.

Tinvironments - a visual reference of caring for our environment

We are true believers that we must cherish and preserve our planet. We were inspired and welcomed with open arms the work of Stephanie Winther and Fattie who have very cleaverly fused some of these cherished places with recycled drink cans and tops. For a consent source of how beautiful our world and how recycling even the most basic of items can be turned into pieces of art, we give three cheers to Tinvironments.

Tinvironments: Sunset