Sunday, November 15, 2009


hello lovely friends and followers :)

our blog has now been merged onto our new-look website.

you will find it up and live on our home page:

we now also offer advertising space for $30.00 per week on the website...

drum roll....

in.cube8r australia-wide franchises will be available as of feb 2010!!

if you've ever thought, "i'd like a little shop like that" ...

now you can!!

...just plug in and go,

email: for info.

Monday, August 17, 2009

* in.cube8r INTERVIEW:


sal, tell us a story :)

sometime in 2004 or 2005, sally morrigan had a dream. not a literal dream mind you, she's not any kind of fancy psychic lady, but a dream none-the-less.

see, sally morrigan was born to shop. preferably online where it was only starting to come in fashion, as retail shops, crowds and over enthusiastic staff terrified her. she shopped online and goddamnit, she shopped CRAFTY. spending all her hard earned dollars from working on a secret project in a chocolate factory (true) and then a secret anti-terrorist project for the government/ASIO (also true, the woman gets around) in handmade stores in the US, the fairly wonderful cut+paste and completely formidable shana logic. ...and it was good.

well, to be truthful, it was good-ish. sally was an impatient and thrifty girl and got frustrated that despite paying the expensive TOPTOPTOP dollar for shipping, her packages would take weeks to arrive. and that made her sad. but not for long. see sally was a reasonably bright girl and a lightbulb flashed above her head. WHAT IF, seriously, WHAT IF there was an Australian site where i could buy ALL AUSTRALIAN HANDMADE GOODNESS and have things arrive in DAYS not weeks. so she got googling and googling and found nothing, not a hint of australian handmade online goodness. she despaired and rejoiced all at once. she held on firm to her idea and told all her crafty friends about it. everyone got excited, but sally was uncertain. while an internet shopping and googling maestro, a programming web nerd she was not. she told her then boyfriend (who is forever known as dickhead dan, but for brevity, we will call him DD in this story), who coincidently WAS a programming web nerd. DD saw the potential of her idea straight away and offered his services to help her build it.

....and it was done. well, eventually. in between their full-time jobs and other social commitments, which at the time was plentiful.

but what to call it. i have to tell you, some of the names suggested by friends were obscene. sally's longest relationship in her life thus far was her dog george. sally, being a woman of many ideas and sometimes secretly naff baby talk, had exactly 2149 nicknames for this goofy dog george. number 1746 was infact "Georgie Love", which to pronounce correctly is *high pitch voice* Geeeeeoooorgeeeee Luv" she loved george and thought everyone else would too. so Georgie Love was born and the website was oddly, and some might say inappropriately, dog themed.

soon after the launch of Georgie Love (April 12, 2006)... no, if I recall correctly it was a fair few months before, Sally Morrigan and DD parted ways and Georgie Love became as it should - a one woman-one dog operation, which has been run out of living rooms in houses all across melbourne and the greater surrounds for going on 3.5 years. it originally had about 8-10 crafty folk, a mix of her real-life friends and people she poached from the rose street artist market. now, a good number of years later, there are 58 different artists on the site, and counting. google tells her that about 1500 different people come and visit every week. sally morrigan still has a 2.5-day-a-week job at a university (not secret), a 9 month old baby and a lovely and fairly odd partner who looks remarkably like jesus. georgie is still counted as her longest relationship ever at 5 and a bit years and counting. they live in a crooked little house in the mountains where they avoid social commitments on saturday nights, which are instead spent in the dark watching movies, drinking nice wine and writing waffling stories about themselves.

Friday, August 14, 2009

MADEIT designer profile:

Susannah Tucker Photography
visit store

Tell us a bit about yourself?
Funnily enough, my name is Susannah and I am a 31 year old self taught photographer.
I am a kiwi living in Melbourne with my husband and two gorgeous little ones; Annabel 3 and Otis 4 months. I am addicted to coffee and chocolate, and feel really alive when the sky is blue and the sun is shining... more on the madeit site and view susannah's work here @ in.cube8r!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

hey all,

i am currently driving the blog as we are in between publicists :)

you may have noticed a slight change in the colour scheme... and the approach... and maybe the bad spelling :0

send me your images, your thoughts, your links!!

we've had another little write up... thanks finders keepers!

and after the birthday bash we also had a write up here, (altho they muddled us with the fashion incubator) thanks style melbourne...

there's oodles of pix on this one :)

enjoy, isy

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

handmade melbourne the book, have you got your copy?


:: 45 flinders lane :: 6pm last night ::

the premier gave a lovely speech and we are excited to be part of something so special :)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

43 of in.cube8r's crafters are in the new issue!!!

well done everyone!!
as a body we make up over 40% of this book!!
handmade melbourne -it's out and we have them here
come and grab a copy @ $29.95 RRP
see you at the launch tomorrow!!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Dye 4 U - Opaque Tights

Footless and full opaque tights at in.cube8r. Alison from Dye 4 u hand dyes all of the Dye 4 u range to deliver truly one-off originals. Currently in.cube8r has an extensive range of sizes and colours and with the winter chill in the air a must this winter!

Alison can custom produce a certain colour combination simply email her at and visit us at in.cube8r to check out her range.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Guess who's turning 2? Join in.cube8r and Mixtape zine as we celebrate!

in.cube8r and mixtape zine are turning 2 and we would like to invite you and a friend to our party!

Saturday 25th July 2009
in.cube8r gallery
321 Smith Street
6.30pm - 9.00pm
kidlets welcome and rsvp required

Saturday, June 27, 2009 interviews Isy, June 20th 2009

For the greatest music, fashion, news and entertainment buried deep inside the World Wide Web check out The Vine. Don't miss the the vine's interview with Isy

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

in.cube8r loves the new Herald Sun Weekend liftout and The Herald Sun loves in.cube8r

Herald Sun Weekend Page 2, 20/06/09
A little entertainment, fashion, food and what's on and hot right now. So thrilled to be mentioned on page 2, Love it Section and Yasmin Langley's star brooch featured!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Lisa Posar new to in.cube8r

How many times have you forgotten to pick up that gift card and remembered when it was too late having to venture into the fluorescent madness of a convenience store on the way to the occasion you may have already be running late too? Not to mention the selection available!
We'll sure you may be a little more organised than I am however I am sure there are a few of you out there who know exactly what I am talking about.
Lisa Posar's delightful cards use different techniques - one of them being to apply layers of inks, chalks and paints to paper to create vintage backgrounds. Sure they won't make you remember to buy the card but they are certainly beautiful and great to give!

Lisa Posar range available at in.cube8r

Adee & Will

We all know only too well the joy of hand crafting something for someone you love. A story only too familiar, Jennifer Lee joined the many of us who have turned a project or hobby into a small business (for now at least!). Adee (after Jennifer's mother) who used to make clothes for Jennifer's son Will has arrived at in.cube8r and we are so thrilled to have them join us.
For beautifully crafted children's clothing stop past and check out the Adee & Will range or visit

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Em and Me at in.cube8r

We are thrilled to welcome Em & Me to in.cube8r. Em & Me is a new, funky label creating unique designs in journals, scrapbooks, photo albums, diaries and gift cards. Every design is one-of-a-kind-never-to-be-found-anywhere-else-in the world and designs can also be made to order.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Toby Eagle

(Gypsy Clover)

Toby Eagle creates jewellery by hand and uses predominately sterling silver and stainless steel, sometimes incorporating other metals, precious stones and crystals. Tobye creates her collections with sensitive skin and hypoallergenic issues in mind and is nickel free. Anodised, forged and cut by hand Toby draws inspiration from the oddities of nature in its organic form and finds inspiration in the most humble places.

The Tobye collection is at in.cube8r and we encourage you to contact Toby direct for commissions of new designs or alterations of existing designs.

What’s On

Be sure to visit fellow cuber, Nadia Turners collaborative exhibition: Stories to tell: an exhibition of illustration. Held at the Angela Robarts-Bird gallery at Gasworks Arts Park, the exhibition runs from May 25 to 14thJune, with the opening night on 28th May 6pm-8pm.

Handmade in Melbourne – artist submissions wanted.*....EXTENDED DEADLINE....*MAY 25...YOUR LAST CHANCE!

Handmade in Melbourne is calling for artists submissions for the next edition due for release in August (2009). The book will feature 200 of Melbourne’s most inspiring artisans and we encourage you to get online and submit you profile. Be quick as submissions are closing very very soon. Don’t forget to list in.cube8r as a stockist and be sure to let us know if your profile is confirmed so we can keep our eyes peeled for you when we get a copy and of course post it on the in.cube8r blog. Good luck

Saturday, May 9, 2009

in.cube8r in the press: Artguide May/June 2009

Nadia Turner for in.cube8r features in the lastest edition of Artguide May/June 2009 (

Alma B aka Rebecca Holland wins Yasmin Langley Cloud Brooch

Thank you to all of you that joined our in.cube8r blog, welcome!
Congratulations to 'Alma B aka Rebecca Holland' you has won the Yasmin Langley Cloud Brooch. Rebecca please contact in.cube8r to collect your new piece (03 8415 0321).

If you would like to contribute to the in.cube8r blog please email

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

An exhibition in support of the Cancer Council's "The Biggest Morning Tea".

To coincide with The Cancer Council ‘s “The Biggest Morning Tea” the Box Hill Arts Centre is showing an exhibition of contemporary ceramic design with the title “My cup of tea”. The exhibition will run from the 24th to the 29th May.

This exhibition is a collection of work by two emerging artists, Ingrid Tufts and Simone Braund. Ingrid Tufts is an in.cube8r 'cuber' and produces mid 20th century inspired kitchen objects, household items and teaware.

“My cup of Tea” 24th – 29th May 2009Open Monday to Friday 9.00am -5.00pm
Opening afternoon tea Sunday 24th May 3 -5pm RSVP: rsvp@sprangfrommycupoftea.comor contact Simone on 0417 963 665

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

In the press...

Here are some of our most recent cuber successes and press features. A big thankyou for the A2
48 hours the personal shopper, Herald Sun A2, Saturday April 25, 2008
Featuring cuber: Brent Dakis, Depths of the Never Never

Michi Girl, Tuesday 28th April, 2008
Featuring cuber: Joo Li's Whimsical clay

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Clouds for FREE!!! join us

With Autumn quickly stripping our hopes of any bright sunny days we thought we'd give one lucky in.cube8r friend a Yasmin Langley Cloud Brooch.

For your chance to win simply become a member of the in.cube8r blog and we will at random (names in a hat kind of random) choose one person who will be able to wear a cloud on their sleeve all year round.

For your chance to win exisiting friends and those who become subscribers until Sunday 10th May will be in the running.

Spread the word, join us and goodluck.

Google Earth

Ok, so you've probably seen it in the newspaper recently however we couldn't resist featuring the Google Earth Alphabet. We love the fact that it is so simply (in theory) and a Victorian representation. This is what in.cube8r would look like from Google Earth (except the 8, which we are hoping will soon be released in the numeric collection).

psst...heard it on the grapevine

We love to boast about and spread the word of fellow cubers successes and will from time to time bring you some updates on their exciting progress.

Maria Psaltis has recently been featured by the polymer clay guild of is the link to their newsletter for those clay enthusiasist. To view Maria's interview, visit
Our very talented and youngest cuber, Natalie is set to launch a website selling Melbourne artists wears launching soon. Be sure to subscribe to the in.cube8r blog, and we will keep you up to date with this exciting concept and keep you at the forefront of all things Melbourne, Handmade and Art & Craft.

Melbourne Street Fashion

'Melbourne Street is an online collision of Melbourne’s varied and glorious street styles – fashion’s pulsating heart for all those bouncing to the beat of the city street'.

The site chronicles street fashion’s explosion of expression and individuality from the pavement to the party and channels it with its music and artistic influences.

Similar to in.cube8r's vision of promoting and improving awareness of young, independent and emerging fashion in Melbourne Street Fashion is one to watch.

Curious about in.cube8r? Kate is...

In persuit of all things Melbourne and on the pulse, we stumbled across the site Curious Kate ( Probably not foreign to many of you, the site is a quick snapshot of what's hot in Melbourne....... the latest newsletter features none other than in.cube8r.

Tinvironments - a visual reference of caring for our environment

We are true believers that we must cherish and preserve our planet. We were inspired and welcomed with open arms the work of Stephanie Winther and Fattie who have very cleaverly fused some of these cherished places with recycled drink cans and tops. For a consent source of how beautiful our world and how recycling even the most basic of items can be turned into pieces of art, we give three cheers to Tinvironments.

Tinvironments: Sunset

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Meet the new kids on the block..

Here are some of our new in.cube8r artists.
Lammin Art
A new use for an old item, slumped and fused glass

Whimsical clay by Joo Li
Joo Li makes these delicious apple notice board pins perfect for any appetite! Joo Li makes her own putty from PVA glue and talcum powder!!

Amy Mulcahy softies

Now we all love a softie and these Amy Mulhahy' softies are no exception. On Amy's first day at in.cube8r they were so popular one customer snapped up quick!

(This is the customer with the softies - good choice)

Monday, April 6, 2009

Food for your skin

Greta & Jennifer Pickering started Food For Your Skin in 1999. Jennifer has worked as a nurse and shiatsu therapist for many years and believes in alternative therapies. Food For Your Skin began when Jennifer created natural remedies for her eldest daughter who was suffering from very sensitive skin. Since then she has developed this range of chemical free body products providing natural food for your skin. Australia Healthy Mission endorse the integrity of all products made by Food For Your Skin as chemical-free olive oil products that will benefit your skin.

Greta restocking Food for your skin

The Ottaway Forge moves into in.cube8r

"The Otway Forge" moves in her AWESOME pure essential oil candles. These scents range from the seductive to the energetic. Isy has 3 of these candles at home, "I can highly recommend if you want to change the atmosphere in a room light one of these. I have a geranium one in my bathroom, a patchouli one in my entrance hall and a cinnamon/orange in the bedroom. They smell heavenly all the way down to the bottom and burn for hours.
Reanne Brewin Designs

We introduce you to Reanne Brewin's ceramic pieces that sit well as an ornament or sacred altar anywhere indoor or outdoor. Her collection also offers ceramic bowls and accessories and are a great piece to give and receive.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Craft Cartel: Faythe Levine Podcast

Craftivists Casey Jenkins & Rayna Fahey founded Craft Cartel in 2007
(photo by Mark Burban, image courtesy of

For those of you who didn't get to stop by in.cube8r to meet and listen to Faythe Levine our friends at Craft Cartel ( have loaded their podcast of the interview and here is the link

Meet Little Nikita

Meet Little Nikita as written by Kylie Robinson

My main items are scrabble pieces, I make rings, pendants, earrings and my major seller are the scrabble cufflinks!

I love making things that are a little bit quirky and living in Melbourne I certainly get lots of inspiration as everyone who lives here and has there own style! All one has to do is sit in a café in one of many laneways for inspiration!

It was great when I then came across in.cube8r, I placed a few items in my cube and 'wow' what a feeling it was to make my first sale.
Isy is great and I think she has certainly ensured that home crafters can make the next step. Not only that ,.. you don’t have to get up early to set up stalls on the weekend!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Faythe Levine visit's in.cube8r

Isy Galey, Esther Navarro-Orejon & Faythe Levine

A BIG thankyou to Faythe Levine who visited us last Sunday to talk about all things art, craft, FIY and the movie Handmade Nation. Our cuber's and visitors sipped champagne as Faythe took us on her journey leaving us inspired and committed to continue our support of all things handmade. If we say so ourselves Faythe loved the in.cube8r space and concept and even picked up a Nadia Turner brooch.

Thankyou to all of you who supported and visited the gallery . If you have any suggestions on future events and workshops we would love to hear about them. Email us here

Here are some more pics of Sunday's event.

Keep your eyes posted on the blog for more in.cube8r news, events and workshops.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Handmade Nation's Faythe Levin to visit in.cube8r THIS Sunday March 15th - Join us for champagne and all things Art, Craft, DIY and Design

If there is one place to be this Sunday evening it is at in.cube8r where we are thrilled to present to our in.cube8r friends, Handmade Nation's Faythe Levin. If you have been stuck under a rock and not heard about the handmade nation phenominon it is the Internationally received film/documentary and book on all things art, craft, design & DIY.

Faythe Levin will be visiting in.cube8r on Sunday to present her take on our Handmade Nation, meet our cubers and unwind after a busy week at the Stitches and Craft Show.

Date: Sunday March 15th 2009

Time: 6.30pm - 8.00pm

Location: in.cube8r, 321 Smith Street Fitzroy

Who should come: All that are inspired by art, craft, design, DIY and hand made

We will be selling copies of Handmade Nation book and one lucky in.cube8r friend will WIN a copy to take home.

So start blogging, spread the word and be sure to visit in.cube8r.
We look forward to welcoming Faythe Levin and our in.cube8r friends.

Stitches and Craft Show : What we found!

We headed to the Melbourne Stitches and craft show in pursuit of things art, craft and handmade. Here are some things we found and loved.

We feel in love with the delicious culinary delights of Felt Cuisine ( where you can have your cake and eat it too, well actually no you can't eat it but it sure looks tempting - the added bonus NO CALORIES!

Guilt free sweets!!

Sushi anyone?

Babushka made an appearence at the show with a delightful Babuska posse checking out the action.

Keep your eyes peeled for more Stitches and Craft Show finds and don't miss our exciting and not to be missed in.cube8r event presenting Handmade Nation's Faythe Levin at in.cube8r this Sunday March 15th, check out the latest post for more details.