Monday, April 6, 2009

Food for your skin

Greta & Jennifer Pickering started Food For Your Skin in 1999. Jennifer has worked as a nurse and shiatsu therapist for many years and believes in alternative therapies. Food For Your Skin began when Jennifer created natural remedies for her eldest daughter who was suffering from very sensitive skin. Since then she has developed this range of chemical free body products providing natural food for your skin. Australia Healthy Mission endorse the integrity of all products made by Food For Your Skin as chemical-free olive oil products that will benefit your skin.

Greta restocking Food for your skin

The Ottaway Forge moves into in.cube8r

"The Otway Forge" moves in her AWESOME pure essential oil candles. These scents range from the seductive to the energetic. Isy has 3 of these candles at home, "I can highly recommend if you want to change the atmosphere in a room light one of these. I have a geranium one in my bathroom, a patchouli one in my entrance hall and a cinnamon/orange in the bedroom. They smell heavenly all the way down to the bottom and burn for hours.
Reanne Brewin Designs

We introduce you to Reanne Brewin's ceramic pieces that sit well as an ornament or sacred altar anywhere indoor or outdoor. Her collection also offers ceramic bowls and accessories and are a great piece to give and receive.