Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Kit and Caboodle - Happy 50th Birthday Barbie

Now, whilst we have been using this blog as a good way to communicate in.cube8r news, cuber designers and in.cube8r in the press it really is an avenue for all things art & Craft and handmade to be shared, adored and loved. After an email alerting us of an in.cube8r supporter (http://kitandcaboodle.ning.com/forum/topics/selling-jewellery-how-to?page=1&commentId=2576645%3AComment%3A13255&x=1#2576645Comment13255)
we checked out Kit & Caboodle and online network of contemporary jewellers - where there are oodles of amazing items. We couldn't resist and had to share the amazing work of Marguax Lange... if only we'd thought of that!!

As Barbie celebrates her 50th Birthday we say Happy Birthday!

And we know what you are all thinking...where's Ken? Don't fret Ken Rings and earrings available!!