Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Ingrid Tufts - Our cup of tea...

Have you ever googled in pursuit of a tea blog? Well, probably not . Perhaps in our quest to find and be inspired by blogs all around and check out our blog neighbours (having just launched the in.cube8r blog!) holding my cup of tea, I typed in what I thought would result in, I don't know - a couple of responses. Well, lets just say tea is serious stuff! I was amazed by how many tea blogs there are in 'blog space'. From brewing methods (no you don't just plunge the tea bag in the mug!) to different types of tea, to flashy tea gadgets there a tea blogs to satisfy all tea palettes.

So we throught we'd bring you afew, here are some that we've stumpled across.

And if tea is not your thing and you prefer a hot cup of coffee or chocolate, forget tea blogs and drop in to in.cube8r and pick up an Ingrid Tufts printed tea towel or apron with what else but a beautiful tea pot print!

"My cup of tea" hand printed aprons $25

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Ingrid Tufts, in.cube8r resident. Cube number 72