Wednesday, February 11, 2009

roses are red, violets are blue....all I desire is what's in a cube

So it's that time of the year - Valentines Day. For some a day romance, joy and fluffy toys (that inevitably end up on tops of shelves, bottom of wardrobe and sitting pretty on trestle tables at local market stalls around fetching a couple of dollars!) and for others a non-event and boycott of the over inflated prices of floral arrangements and commercialisation of a day that began in the era of courtly traditions. The stories of how women were wooed by grand gestures of gallantry flourish in romance novels of today and whilst we may or may not all opt into the 'festivities' of the day, we all wish to be desired!
So here are some things we desire and adore to make heads turn, heart flutter and cupid re-think his day job!
Caroline Jones - Silver jewellery

Kikko - Genuine leather and kimono silk lined purses

Anne Newton - Parrot feather purses (no parrots were harmed in producing these must have purses)

And then there are up to 80 artists to choose from, ditch the roses chocolates, flowers and teddy's and choose something from a cube (we promise we will not double the prices of any of our items!, in-fact we don't even profit from you 'cupidity'.